Privacy-oriented email service.

Currently hosted with Skhron OÜ (🇪🇪) in Warsaw, Poland (🇵🇱). IPv6 ready!

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About this service

ghostBox is a privacy-oriented, free speech, one-time payment email service. Emails, by design, will inevitably be decrypted somewhere along their way to our server - so yes, Proton is lying to you.

This service is for those that don't want to maintain their own email server, but don't want to sell their emails to a big company that lies about how user data is treated.

We only ask for a small, one-time payment when opening an account to keep bots away and keep the servers online. We never ask for more money after that.

Create an account

Creating a ghostBox email account is easy. You can either use our domain ( or point your domain's email records to our server and use a custom domain free of charge.

Send an email to postmaster [at] to check if your desired alias is available, then pay the €4 one-time fee! That's it. Your address will be activated and you'll get 512 MiB of storage space for your emails. Each additional GiB is just €1, obviously one-time fee.

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You can login using Roundcube webmail, or set-up your own email client:

  • POP3: port 110 (STARTTLS) / 995 (SSL).
  • IMAP: port 143 (STARTTLS) / 993 (SSL).
  • SMTP: port 587 (STARTTLS).
  • Domain/IP:
  • User:

By owning a ghostBox email address you acknowledge and agree to abide by our rules. While we have a way more lax policy regarding what you can and cannot use our service for (we love free speech, after all), and a non-existent KYC (identification) policy, we still have to comply with local laws and courts, so please read the rules before using your address. We'll update this page if we change the rules to keep you updated.

Made with ❤️ by postmaster, open-source software contributors (OpenMoji made this website beautiful with their emojis — licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Roundcube made using your ghostBox address via your browser possible — licensed under GPLv3. iRedMail made setting up an email server using only open-source software possible — licensed under GPLv3.) and some other online services or companies (Skhron, a reliable VPS company. deSEC, open DNS solution. CryptoCompare provides us with real-time Monero value.).